The Railway Terrace Honey Bees

It all started on Thursday 13th November 2014 when I received a telephone call from a very good friend informing me that some Honey bees are living in Cardiff and could do with re-homing.  Due to other work commitments, the soonest we were able to pay them a visit was … Continue reading

How do you break a little finger whilst going to tend Honey bees???

I will tell you exactly how. Kate wanted to check how much Honey was inside her Warre beehive to see if any could be taken out.  We got a plan sorted, put our suits on, got the box of beekeeping equipment and headed towards her Warre beehive. I went first … Continue reading

50 Shades of Honey

I remember visiting a friend’s home when they were bottling honey from their beehives, the different colours of each jar was inspiring to me. A few years later and it is my turn to harvest some honey.  I have only taken a little bit of honey from my hives in … Continue reading

We’re reaching boiling point here…

 Something happens at this time of year in September and I’m not sure if I like it.  Christmas stuff and markets begin to appear everywhere I look.  This just happens to coincide with my removing of excess honey and wax from within the homes of the GlastonBees ladies. This year … Continue reading

Bugglington Manor…

It’s good to know that my appreciation of the environment and my building skills do not go unrecognised… Llanyrafon Manor in Cwmbran Staff at Llanyrafon Manor in Cwmbran commissioned GlastonBees to build them a selection of bug habitats to enhance the biodiversity in their spectacular grounds. Reluctant to take time … Continue reading

“Extracurricular projects”…

My knowledge and skills are being passed around recently and working wonders. I have been taking time out from constructing beehives and have been fortunate enough to be working from the newly refurbished and wonderful setting of Llanyrafon Manor Rural Heritage Centre, also known as Llanyrafon Farm by some in … Continue reading