Please take a seat…

Hello again, how are you today?  Just thought that I would keep you updated with some of my adventures.  Recently I was asked if I would refurbish a couple of benches for a family. After thinking about it for a few moments, it was decided to see what I can do.

When I saw the benches, it became apparent that they were looking a little worse for wear and needed a little care.  The first job on my list was to retrieve the benches from the customers home without a certain someone who lived there knowing about it. These benches have sentimental value to the family, so their longevity was of the utmost important and I wanted to do an excellent job for them.

Upon my arrival at home I had a closer look at what work was needed, it was decided to replace all of the wood with new, brush back all of the wrought iron, straighten the metal supports, followed by a spot of paint and replace all of the bolts, nuts, washers and screws.

After a few hours of scrubbing the metal down with a giant metal toothbrush whilst making some callouses on my hands, I paid a little visit to an annoyingly expense shop to purchase some hammerite spray paint.  Two tins must be enough, surely…

In between the coats of paint drying, I started on replacing the wooden slats.  Inside my wood shelter were some pieces of Larch that were just crying out to be used.  So after a visit to the table saw, the Larch was cut into slats awaiting the next part of their transformation.

Now it was time to visit the planer and thicknesser.  This will give the wood a nice smooth finish to the wood, and show off its lovely peachy coloured grain.  After the wood has gone through the thicknesser it is time to visit the table saw again to have their final cuts to ensure they fit perfectly on the bench.

Holes were then drilled in the wooden slats for the new 6mm thick bolts, followed by countersinking the holes.  Time now for me to switch on the concentration.  Each piece of the wood needed to be exactly the same, the holes and countersinks needed to be in the correct place to ensure a lovely finish to the benches when completed.

Back to do a spot of painting again, and the sudden realisation that the two tins of spray paint will not be enough.  So another visit was needed to the annoyingly expensive shop to purchase another two tins of hammerite paint.  

Once the painting and wood work was done, all that was left for me to do was to reassemble them and return them to their rightful owners.

I am very pleased to report that they absolutely love their benches… What do you think of them?