Not forgotten about the birds…

Thinking of the homes that GlastonBees have provided for Honey bees and their happy human keepers, there has been a call from a few local residents to help some other of our wildlife that has not yet been catered for with as much enthusiasm.
Enter a time for the birds that visit our gardens.  Recently GlastonBees was asked to make a bird table.  Again, wishing to make something that is not commonly found, I made an updated version of a bird house that I made for my parents.
A personal residence and a Nursing home are to be the two final destinations for the Bird table / home.
I call this the “Tudor House”…  It’s a two bedroom bird home, with an open plan downstairs living area suitable for little birds to reside in a beautiful setting.  

I’m fortunate to have seen a diverse selection of birds who visit my parents “Tudor House” such as: 
Sparrows; Doves; Wood Pigeons; Jackdaws; Robins; Blue Tits; Starlings; and others
I look forward to hearing from the new owners of these Tudor Houses, when I ask them about the visitors that they now have to their gardens.

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