First find some wood… Then add a bit of love…

And so my mind merrily wanders towards making beautiful things from wood, I want people to love wooden items but also, so that they can share them with friends and family.

At this time of year (January), valentines day is just around the corner.  From looking around the workshop for wood to use, seeing items that people like and listening to ideas from friends and family… It’s time to put pencil to wood and wood to blade and await the smiles to appear on their faces.

After looking for wood to use, I find such wonderfully smelling: Oak; Cherry; Ash; Lime; Larch; Acacia and Western Red Cedar (WRC)…

Cue the music…

Firstly I must remind you of an admiration, maybe a fascination that sheep bring to me.  Please refrain from any welsh jokes at present, I will be finished soon enough.

After rattling my brain about the singular and plural definitions of sheep, it was decided to make a small flock of sheep. So these little lovelies are made from: Ash; Oak; Cherry and WRC.

I love ewe… WRC ewe

L – R Cherry ewe, Oak ewe, WRC ewe and Ash ewe
I love ewe

We then head towards some of the lovely, hearty items with hearts galore.
Love on the fridge

Making Love on the band saw
You pair of love birds

What are your thoughts on these??

Something you would like to give to a loved one??

If so stop by the GlastonBees website and get in touch… See you soon

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