Hello and welcome


Hello and welcome to the very first GlastonBees blog, which is to be a written account about the “Adventures of GlastonBees”. There is every intention to create this blog in order for it to be: informative, useful (as in full of use), interesting, with a hint of a humorous perspective view from me regarding my life with the world of bees, bee hives and anything that I think is worth telling you about.

The last time I had to write something for someone else to read like this was my English teacher, a Mrs who shall remain nameless. A few years have passed since I was last marked for my spelling and grammar, so please ignore any deliberate mistakes that you may find; they are there purely for the sake of my English teacher who was always leaving such lovely, friendly comments on all of my work.

I am pleased to inform you (and her) that at least my vocabulary has expanded, which opens up a whole world of interesting verbal concoctions for me but not in a verbal diarrhoea kind of way.

This blog has come about from long and interesting conversations whilst talking to my friends about my adventures of:
  • Bees,
  • Building Beehives 
  • My life and
  • Visiting people’s homes who have bees living with them but who do not really want them there.

I have always tried to portray my story in an articulate manner so that my friends would be able to understand fully, some of the silly, downright amusing situations that I seem to get myself into quite often.

The general consensus thought that these little adventures should be shared with a much wider audience, so instead of utilising the TV broadcasting system and competing with those primetime programs for weekend viewing, we decided that a blog would be much more affordable since I’m working on a smaller budget than the Director General of the BBC.

For the last few weeks I have been delving through my memory banks to recall relevant and suitable memories to begin putting my blog together.

I must point this out now that I will not use any accurate names, places or information of anybody to prevent causing embarrassment to them. This blog is about my thoughts, experiences and how I perceived the events that have transpired and not intended to cause any harm to people that I have met on this wonderful journey.

Welcome to my world…
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