A little help goes a long way…

A big shout out to…  My family, who have been very supportive for me in the infancy of GlastonBees.  Thank you so much for your patience.

I am fortunate to have met some pretty great people in my time, such as suppliers, friends, ex colleagues, customers and even strangers.  Most think I am mad and that is fine by me, but the important bit to take note of is that, these great people that I have met on this weird and wonderful journey have been fundamental in exploring ideas with me.

In a very positive way, I would also like to thank the negative minded people that I have met on my journey.  For their always persistent, thought provoking mental obstacles have allowed me to take a step back to reassess and look at my desires from a different perspective.  This has enhanced my resilience, determination and resourcefulness to succeed, where I am able to follow my dreams and make this possible.

UnLtd-Logounltd logoNow then, the staff at UnLtd have been fantastic, Their help came in the way of their belief in my ideas, their ongoing support, a grant and their enormous, almost endless list of useful (as in full of use) contacts.  What a fantastic group of people, please click on the link above to see what they do.  They work with truly inspiring people who wish to make our world a better place.

TCBC logo

There has also been support from a project named CreaTe.  This is a part of Torfaen County Borough Councils, Rural Development Strategy.  With their help coming in the form of locating and attending stalls, support, meeting other local producers at the Local Action Group and Producers meetings and not forgetting a grant from a fund called “A Taste of Torfaen” all of which has been hugely beneficial to GlastonBees.

WAG, europe etc logos

I am eternally grateful to you all…