So, what does GlastonBees make?

Talking with a beekeeping association

Well, I produce the Warre Beehive made from locally sourced Western Red Cedar.  It is the optimum, natural material to use due to its light weight and high natural resistance to decay, which means the wood does not need treating with chemicals to preserve it.

I produce this beehive because their popularity is growing with a more hands off approach to beekeeping being called for, I just happen to make them absolutely beautiful and they are a joy to use when giving some lovely Honey Bees a home.

western red cedar

Making and selling Beehives can be very seasonal, and when sales are quiet I have the opportunity to take stock of the amount of offcuts that have been accumulating.  Add that to the conversations that I have with all sorts of people, which quite often leads me into being asked to make or build something special, or quote to carry out work, or even for commissions.

This has grown into an appreciation for making craft and has produced some outstanding projects for me to tackle, almost always challenging me in some way or another.

I believe in reducing, reusing and recycling. “Nothing must be wasted” is my mantra.  There are of course off cuts, however, they are transformed into something else so not even a shaving of Western Red Cedar is wasted

Besides the copious amounts of Western Red Cedar offcuts there are other woods that I use.  I use reclaimed timber, or other wood that I see at the sawmills which I visit.  The variety of woods most commonly used are: Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Beech and Alder.