Do you want to provide a home to Honey Bees?

If your answer is “Yes, of course I do Ian, where do I start?”, then I am able to help you.

If your answer is “Hmm, I’m not so sure about that Ian” then I am able to help you.

If your answer is “Hell no”, then I am willing to help you.

Providing a home for Honey Bees is such a pleasurable, awe inspiring pastime.  It helps us reconnect with nature, and synchronises us with the seasons, our weather and what plants we see and or grow.  Beekeeping is such a broad subject with so many avenues to go down, and with so many types of Beehives on offer, all of which promises to enrich our lives with many, many, never to be forgotten experiences.

So where does one begin???

I recommend doing a little bit of research, and start asking a few questions.  You are very welcome to ask GlastonBees your questions.  Do not even think that your questions are silly, we all began caring for bees without knowing a thing.

If you are looking for some reading material, then I will suggest you look at GlastonBees Natural-beekeeping website, there you will find a reading list and two free eBook downloads in the Further knowledge drop down menu

If your looking for an overload on the brain, then GlastonBees provides a full day workshop.  This will be an Introduction in Beekeeping, covering many topics, only briefly, but giving you enough information to get you started.  For more information on these workshops please visit the Workshop page.

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