Bee Identification

Bee Identification or otherwise know as – Aaaarrgghh! What on earth is that?

Do you have a mystery flying insect in your home or garden? Is it a honey bee? How about a bumble bee? Maybe a solitary bee? could it be a hoverfly? or even a wasp?

In the UK alone there are around:

254 species of wild bees such as Honey bee, bumble bees and solitary bees.

9000 species of wasps,

281 species of hoverflies,

Worldwide there are some estimated 25,000 species of bee.

So to help you along, I have compiled a selection of photos (found below this text) of bees, wasps and hover-flies that I have personally met to help you to identify what you have just seen.

This is intended as an aid for identifying and, to see some beautiful photos of bees living their lives.  All of these photos were taken by me with my camera phone.

Honey Bees

Bumble Bees

Solitary Bees