From within the hive

By-Products of Beekeeping

There are many benefits to tending to some lovely Honey Bees, for now we shall focus on one, and that must be the by products from within the Hive.

Warre box with honey combWe always leave our colonies with more honey than they need, this is so that we can ensure that they get the best possible opportunity to survive into the following year.  When we are able to take some beautiful Honeycomb from the Hive, we remove any Honey and do a few things with it.  Either we store it into a large container to give back to the bees as a back up supply, or we bottle it and either sell it or eat it ourselves.

Once the Honey is out of the way we are left with a lot of Beeswax.  This is melted down, cleaned and turned into the items that you can see below.

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Natural Beeswax Polish – £3.50 + packaging and shipping

GlastonBees Natural Beeswax Polish

GlastonBees Natural Beeswax Polish

We are very pleased to have our own polish which will give a rejuvenated look to your wood.  NO TURPENTINE was used, only non toxic and natural ingredients.  What that means to us is that no warning instructions are required on the labelling. Phew… We designed and made these labels ourselves you know.

Pure Beeswax Tealights – £5.00 (6 tealights) + packaging and shipping

Pure Natural Beeswax TealightsMade from 100% pure beeswax with each one having a very impressive 6 hours burn time.  Making these are by far the easiest way I manage to make a mess in the kitchen…

Pure Beeswax Rolled Pillar Candles – £4.00 each or £12.00 for 4 + packaging and shipping

These beauties are hand rolled, made from 100% pure beeswax, and have a staggering 10.5 hours burn time.  They also leave our hands smelling lovely for many hours after making them.