The Hairy Scroller

During the process of building our beautiful beehives, we duly gather an amount of offcuts.  Some days it is bordering on the ridiculous, but I will never discard any of them.

From one perspective

It is regrettable to have offcuts, as it takes up a lot of valuable space in the workshop and it is very expensive fire wood.

However…  From different perspective:

It creates opportunities… An opportunity to use wood in a different manner, an opportunity to create something imaginative, a chance to see the expressions on peoples faces when they find something that you made, which they or someone they know would love to have.

The opportunities to use different tools, have different conversations with many more people, the ability to travel the UK attending craft markets events and shows, to learn new skills, have different ideas, to succumb to how tactile wood is, explore new ways of thinking and visiting new places.

All of that from offcuts…

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